Dee’s Wholefoods at Food Matters Live

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Food Matters Live

Dee’s Wholefoods at Food Matters Live.

Dee’s is honoured that Dr. Janette Walton  will showcase Dee’s Wholefoods approach to sugar, salt and fat reduction at Food Matters Live in London. The Food Matters Live Conference – (The relationship between food, health and nutrition…) – 70 leading figures from across government, industry, science and health will join renowned commentators and chefs in 17 thought-provoking debates.  This is an interesting and informative event that will take place in London  from the 17th to the 19th November, 2015.

“Over 400 organisations will be taking part in the Food Matters Live exhibition showcasing the latest developments in food and drink innovation, nutrition, health and sustainability.

Visitors will be able to meet ingredients suppliers, major food and drink manufacturers, young and enterprising companies, retailers, foodservice providers, academia and research bodies as well as trade bodies, membership organisations, NGOs and lobbying groups.”


Author: Dee

‘Goodness is Tasty!’ It’s a philosophy I’ve always believed in, but it’s something I’ve found hard to see in reality on the shelves of my local supermarket when buying food. The situation was vividly brought home to me after completing my degree in Food Science at UCC. I was suddenly confronted with the truth about the array of additives that are routinely pumped into our foods and the effect it has on our health. They say knowledge is power and after my degree I was put on the path to a more natural, wholefood and plant-based diet.