Stamppot or Colcannon a winter comfort food

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Vegan Stamppot

Do you love Stamppot (Dutch) or mash pots? It is a cold January day and there is nothing quite like sitting down to a dish made of the ultimate comfort food – mashed potatoes.   Being Irish we were reared on dinners of mashed potatoes and this dish is still the ultimate comfort food.  The traditional Irish dish of Colcannon is basically a mashed potato with cabbage.   I didn’t realise that there was also a traditional Dutch dish called “Stamppot” which translates as a mash pot to which you can add different ingredients like carrots, or cabbage or whatever vegetable takes your fancy.  It is usually served as a fall and winter dish in the Netherlands and can be a side dish or a main course!.

We absolutely adore Lorena from Hola Vegan’s recipe for  Vegan Stampot made using potatoes, kale and Dee’s Traditional Vegan Sausages.

Lorena’s recipe can be found here – we hope that you try it out and let us know how you liked it.  Hola Vegan Recipe

Vegan Stamppot
Vegan Stamppot


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‘Goodness is Tasty!’ It’s a philosophy I’ve always believed in, but it’s something I’ve found hard to see in reality on the shelves of my local supermarket when buying food. The situation was vividly brought home to me after completing my degree in Food Science at UCC. I was suddenly confronted with the truth about the array of additives that are routinely pumped into our foods and the effect it has on our health. They say knowledge is power and after my degree I was put on the path to a more natural, wholefood and plant-based diet.