Want to grow Organic Veg?

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COMPETITION! Would you like to know more about how to grow organic veg or perhaps are thinking about changing your career.   Dee’s is offering one person the chance to win an online course in Commercial Organic Vegetable Production.   You can start your course whenever suits you!   Just enter your name below or tag someone that might like to do this.

We believe that more farmers should grow crops for us to eat instead of growing food to feed animals with.    Back in our Grandparent’s generation small amounts of livestock were raised on the farm and meat was kept as a treat on Sunday.   Most houses had some kind of vegetable plot growing.  We have lost all this knowledge in a generation.  We would love to encourage one of you to enroll in this course and keep us updated on your progress, whether it is just for knowledge or to help fulfil a veg plot dream or even a commercial vegetable growing business.

To enter – simply email dee@dees.ie stating why you would like to win.  We will pick a person at random  on the 10th December and share your reasons for entering!  Good luck – Dee

Course details are here – https://learningcloud.ie/courses/527/commercial-organic-vegetable-growing



Author: Dee

‘Goodness is Tasty!’ It’s a philosophy I’ve always believed in, but it’s something I’ve found hard to see in reality on the shelves of my local supermarket when buying food. The situation was vividly brought home to me after completing my degree in Food Science at UCC. I was suddenly confronted with the truth about the array of additives that are routinely pumped into our foods and the effect it has on our health. They say knowledge is power and after my degree I was put on the path to a more natural, wholefood and plant-based diet.